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Need Help? Here’s Some Help on Reading Floor Plans

Scale – Everything on the floor plan is drawn to a certain scale which is almost always clearly marked on the floor plan.

Symbols – Doors, windows, bathroom and kitchen fixtures are all very self-explanatory on a floor plan. Pay close attention to how doors open into rooms, and where everything is placed, and try to visualize walking around within that space

Add-ons – To the side, there will often be add-ons or modifications that are available. They are drawn to scale, and often times they actually look like a shed off to the side of a floor plan, but the thin lines will guide you to where an add-on is to be placed.

Surroundings – Imagine the floor plan as it would sit on a lot. Are heavy traffic areas isolated by walls? Are the best views going to be highlighted by large windows? Considering how the floor plan sits on the property will play a big role in which floor plan you ultimately choose.